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當他成為一位眼鏡匠人後,他在2014年於巴黎創立了自家眼鏡品牌”le bouton”。於2021年,他成立了”Club artistique”,以舉辦藝術活動及創作富有表現力的作品。Filton by “Club artistique”亦同時宣佈成立,其強烈的獨特性和設計感,為眼鏡潮流帶來一股新的衝擊。

It is not eyewear produced by ordinary eyeglass manufacturing. Materials with all kinds of properties and different logic (acetate, sewing needles, buttons, titanium, zippers, etc.). An eyewear brand that incorporates artistic creative techniques and various art techniques that are expressed by combining them. Unity as Filton eyewear is formed through gradual juxtaposition. Filton Eyewear breaks the line between eyeglasses and works of art.
A designer with heart disease couldn't belong to his favorite athletic club when he was a student, and at the recommendation of his grandfather, who was a painter, he decided to belong to the art club. Since then, he has been devoted to artistic activities and fashion, but meets a 23-year-old eyeglass craftsman. That was a turning point in his life. The more he knew about glasses, the more interesting he felt, but he was tired of making similar glasses. “Someday, I would like to release eyeglasses that incorporate artistic elements not only in design but also in making.” He was thinking. After working as an eyeglass craftsman and maker, he sold his own eyewear brand "le bouton" in Paris in 2014. 
The "Club artistique" club activity, which was established in 2021 by the former art club that conducts art activities. He is active in "interesting," "fun," and "comfortable," and creates expressive works that transcend his student days. A special version of Club artistique - Filton by "Club artistique" was also announced at the same time.